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cStat™ Mobile App and the cStat Cloud™


cstat application

For environmental professionals, cStat is simply a better way to work. The cStat mobile app “thinks” like an environmental professional with built in organization of notes and photos, logically organized menus that facilitate the inspection process, standardized selection menus and accurate voice recognition that makes it easy to get the data into the digital arena where it is easily accessed anywhere downstream. The cStat mobile app can be used anywhere—no data connection required during inspections.


The cStat Cloud makes the data available anywhere there is a web connection. It can be shared across groups or with clients who have a cStat account. An ASTM based report feature provides pre-formatted elements with template text that make a Phase 1 easy.

cStat Features

Abbreviated list of user benefits and features:

Clean It Up

cStat standardization of collected data allows faster, more flexible analysis with better quality control.

Find It Fast

Fully searchable standardized inspection data saves time, and simplifies reporting.

Cover All the Ground

Integrated QA/QC and reminder features assure all required data points are collected.

Type Less

Fast, easy on-site notes with voice-to-text option for text input fields as well as comprehensive one-tap tailored options lists.

Sleep Nights

cStat stratified security and 24/7 monitoring safeguards sensitive data.

Finish Fast

Managed file sizes for data and images upload in seconds from anywhere with a data connection.

Know How

The cStat System was designed and is supported by knowledgeable and experienced environmental and commercial real-estate professionals.

Get Organized

Photos and notes are automatically organized with relevant site-feature data as it is collected.

Improve Efficiency

Once uploaded, cStat data & images are readily available for use in any report format or scope via direct export to an active MS Word®  Document.

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